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William Anthony, Jr.

William ANTHONY, Jr. was the only child of record of William, Sr. and Hannah CLARK ANTHONY.  He was born in 1788 in Rutherford County, North Carolina and died before 1815 (probably in Alabama).  At some point before 1815, William married Jane “Jennie” McMINN, second child and daughter of William Abraham and Mary Margaret BYERS McMINN; born in 1798 in Rutherford County, North Carolina and died 10 June 1885 in Fayette County, Alabama.
William and Jane are buried in the Anthony Family Cemetery near the Elm Church of Christ next to the Old Anthony family farm near Glen Allen, Fayette, Alabama. 

William and Jane had the following children:
       1.       James – born 1815 in Marion Co., Alabama; married Vinette ?.  No children are recorded.

2.      Abraham Perry, Sr. – born 1820 in Alabama; married Hannah T. ?.  They had nine children.

3.      John C. – born in 1823/1824 in Marion Co., Alabama and died 1895 in Monroe Co., Mississippi; married 1848 in Fayette Co., Alabama Cynthia McMINN (born 1830 and died May 1904 in Caledonia, Lowndes, Mississippi).  They had six children.

4.      Martha G. “Patsy” – born in 1824 in Alabama and died 1911 in Alabama; married Archibald “Arch” WHITEHEAD, Jr. (born 1822 and died 1861).  They had seven children.

5.      Girl Child – born in 1826 in Alabama and died in 1830 in Alabama.

6.      Richard Harold – born December 5, 1827 in Marion Co., Alabama and died January 1, 1903 in Cedar Bluff, Clay, Mississippi; married 1.) August 31, 1854 in Lowndes County, Mississippi to Lucinda “Lindie” BLAKE (b. 1836; d. 1861 in Cedar Bluff, Clay, MS).  They had 3 children.  2.) June 7, 1861  in Noxubee Co., Mississippi to Mary R. “Mollie” STEWART (b. Nov 13, 1827; d. Oct 9, 1871 in Clay County, MS). They had 3 children.  3.) May 8, 1871 in Oktibbeha Co., MS to Nancy J. LEATHERWOOD (b. 1838; d. 1895 Clay Co., MS).  They had 3 children.

7.      Nathaniel Merit “Nathan” – born 1828 in Alabama and died December 20, 1862 in Richmond, Virginia (from wounds suffered a few days earlier at Fredericksburg); married 1852 in Attala County, Mississippi to Lucinda Matilda CHIPLEY (b. July 1839; d. February 1895 in Scott Co., MS).  They had eight children.

8.      Girl Child – born 1830 and died in 1835.

9.      William Pickens “Bill” – born August 10, 1832 in Glen Allen, Fayette, Alabama and died August 18, 1904 in Fayette Co., Alabama; married 1853 in Fayette Co., Alabama to Mary “Polly” LOGAN (b. February 10, 1829; d. October 8, 1899 in Hubbertville, Fayette, Alabama).  They had nine children.

10.  George Washington – born 1835 in Alabama and died 1930 in Mississippi; married about 1835 in Alabama to M. E. CROSWELL.  They had 4 children.

11.  Mary Jane – born September 27, 1837 and died July 1, 1916 in Fayette Co., Alabama; married January 15, 1849 in Fayette Co., Alabama to Drury Henry Cox “Drew” WHITEHEAD (b. September 5, 1831; d. July 1, 1916).  They had 13 children.

12.  Drucilla – born 1841 in Marion County, Alabama and died 1911 in Fayette County, Alabama.

13.  Benjamin “Ped” – born 1842 in Marion County, Alabama; married Hannah MILLS.

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